The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner

The Art of Medicine, Episode #40, Locum Tenens and ER Medicine, an interview with Ripal Patel, MD

August 22, 2021 Andrew Wilner, MD Season 1 Episode 40
The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner
The Art of Medicine, Episode #40, Locum Tenens and ER Medicine, an interview with Ripal Patel, MD
Show Notes

Show Notes

July 7, 2021

Many thanks to Ripal Patel, MD, founder and lead for Mercision Emergency Medicine, for joining me to discuss locum tenens and ER medicine. Dr. Patel received his MD at UT Southwestern Medical Center and his MPH at Kings College, London. He started in general surgery but quickly found his home in ER medicine. After an ER residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Philadelphia, PA, he moved to Houston, TX, where he is an Assistant Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine. 

As a locum tenens ER physician, Dr. Patel has traveled to as many as 30 different ERs in a half-dozen states. He works with staffing agencies and also has his own group of ER physicians who contract directly with hospitals. During this 20-minute interview, Rip shares his experiences, both good and bad, with the world of locums.

Dr. Patel explained that locums physicians work on their own schedule, receive excellent compensation, and avoid hospital politics. Assignments are time-limited. If they don’t work out, there’s no obligation to return. On the other hand, if it’s a good experience, recurring assignments offer many advantages.

If you are a physician unhappy with your current employment, need supplemental income, or just ready to try something new, this interview will interest you. Dr. Patel advises that physicians disillusioned with clinical medicine consider locums before switching to a nonclinical career. 

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