The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner

Locum Tenens: The Best-Kept Secret in Medicine

December 26, 2021 Andrew Wilner, MD Season 1 Episode 49
The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner
Locum Tenens: The Best-Kept Secret in Medicine
Show Notes

Show Notes

Many thanks to Stephanie Freeman, MD, a critical care locum tenens physician, for joining me on this episode of “The Art of Medicine.” 

According to Stephanie, locum tenens is the “best-kept secret” in medicine. Stephanie has been working locum tenens since 2008 and “fell in love with the locums lifestyle.” Locum tenens assignments have allowed Stephanie to work in far-flung locals such as Alaska, Florida, and St. Croix. 

Locums allows Stephanie to control her schedule and avoid hospital politics.  Given the current COVID19 pandemic, the need for locums for all specialties has increased. 

Stephanie works locums full-time and wrote two short books to give physicians the “quick and dirty” about locums. Both are available on

“Locum Tenens: Your Questions Answered: A Concise Guide for Physicians Considering Locums Work,” and “Locum Life Lessons: Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving as a Locums Doc.”

Stephanie did a great job explaining locum tenens and how it can help physicians achieve more career satisfaction. Because locum tenens docs are business owners and 1099 employees, they may need a financial team to help file taxes accurately. We also discussed the pros and cons of staffing agencies.

Stephanie is hosting a biannual locums conference for physicians interested in locums that will take place in May 2022. Stephanie also offers coaching and digital courses. She can be contacted at her website:

I am not on the conference roster but am an affiliate for this conference. That means I get a tiny commission if you register with my link (at no additional cost to you).  Click here to Register: 

email:, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and Twitter.  

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